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Flame Resistant Military Clothing: Best Seller for TenCate with Defender™ M products


f417-52-377-38218-combat-shirt.jpgPredatorBDU.com can certainly vouch for the success of TenCate's Flame Resistant Defender™ M Products created for the U.S. Military. Our MultiCam FR Fire Resistant Combat Shirt with USMC FROG Specs is one of our best selling MultiCam uniform products. It is not uncommon to find this military clothing in short supply due to the high demand from the U.S. Army, Marines, and Spec Ops Groups. TenCate has reported on their company site that sales are ramping up substantially to fulfill the needs of military orders for troops in Afghanistan after the switchover to the MultiCam Camouflage Pattern.

Lenzing FR® Rayon is the secret ingredient in the production of this material to provide substantial fire resistance and allow for the material to not melt or burn when placed under extreme heat. The Combat Shirt is extremely popular for its great appearance but also its lightweight torso that breathes well and decreases body heat. Flame resistance has grown in popularity due to the ever increasing threat of explosive devices present in Operation Enduring Freedom. We currently offer both Flame Resistant Army Combat Uniform and FROG product lines. The Army Combat Uniform is completed with a FR-ACU Coat and FR-ACU Trousers. The Flame Resistant Organization Gear for the Marines includes the MultiCam Combat shirt seen hear as well as MultiCam FR Trousers